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Fitz William is one of the most popular tourist attraction site in Cambridge being ranked 19th highest attraction site nationally in England. The museum is located on the Trumpington Street and is opposite to the Fitzwilliam street, central Cambridge, England. The Fitzwilliam museum boasts a great range of historical antiquities thus making it the perfect place to visit in case you intend to get a lot of information. In addition, the museum has great caution in protecting your safety while in the facility and thus hastaken measures to ensure that. This article therefore gives you the important information that you need while visiting the museum.

Things to note before visiting the museum

Never bring large luggage into the museum, which include large bags or backpacks. This is due to security reasons. The museum administration does not allow large luggage in the museum as they take great caution to safety of its visitors.

Never smoke in the museum building or premises. You need to know that there are very many people who visit the site. Some may be affected by your smoking in the process and thus you will be disturbing the peace of others.

Do not touch or get close to any picture, the frame, or any Fitzwilliam museum as you may damage the item. You need to admire the different items that belong to the museum not touching or getting extremely close to them. They are highly valuable and need to be protected.

Bring your food to the museum. The museum premises do not have eateries and thus you need to sort yourself out on the food you are going to eat. Go prepared of what you are going to eat while enjoying the services of the museum.

Keep your mobile phones silent. Taking of pictures with your tablets and phones is allowed but you ought to observe since while in the museum.

Opening hours of the museum

The museum is always closed on Mondays, Easter, 31 December plus on 1 January, so you need not plan to visit during these days. The museum is opened on Tuesdays to Saturdays at 10am to 5pm and during Sundays and bank holidays at 12 noon to 5pm. In addition, you can contribute, an exhibition to the museum in case you have one it is allowed. The Fitzwilliam museum gives each visitor 2 to 3 hours in the museum in order to give space for other visitors.


In case you are a person with a disability, do not be scared, the museum has put in place ways in which you can access the facility. There are access points, which are specially designed for people with disabilities and in which would be easier to access the museum.

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