Cambridge is a city in the United Kingdom that is found on river cam and in the eastern part of England. The city is home to the University of Cambridge, which is among the most prestigious university in the world. In addition, it boasts of a large variety of university colleges for example the king’s college. This helps makes it among the most attractable destination to tourists and students alike. Therefore, if you are thinking of a destination in which you can visit during your leisure time, Cambridge remains a great choice. This article will dwell on the various Cambridge landmarks that you will find in the city. They include:

University of Cambridge

The university of Cambridge is the most important and noticeable landmark in the great city of Cambridge. It is known to be among the most prestigious universities in England which boasts producing the finest graduates in the world. It was founded in 1209 and issued a royal charter by king henry III in 1231 making it the second oldest university in Britain. The university specialises in the public research on different courses in which it offers. In addition, the University of Cambridge is an international university in which you can apply to enroll no matter your country of residence. It is made up of 31 constituent colleges with over 100 departments offering a variety of courses from which you can choose.

Architecture in Cambridge

The city of Cambridge is made up of old gothic style of buildings. If you travel to the city, you will notice that the city has unique architecture all around it. Almost every building in Cambridge employs the olden form of architecture from which you can get the inspirations of well designed buildings. It is therefore a great destination if you are an architecture fan.

University museums in Cambridge

The city of Cambridge has quite a significant number of museums spread out throughout the city. These museums offer archeology and anthropology services, exploration on polar, history of England and Cambridge giving you information that you may need regarding any historical event that you may be curious about. The large numbers of the university museums that are found all over the city are the reasons why the city boasts a great number of tourists that visit annually.

Ely cathedral Cambridge

Ely cathedral is one of the most prominent figure in Cambridge due to its octagon tower with a lantern. The Ely cathedral is one of the tourist’s attraction site that attracts large number of tourists due to its unique architecture, which is very beautiful. This is one place in which you ought to visit whenever you are in Cambridge.

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