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new resin driveway installation for mrs smith in cambridgeWe recently completed a project for Mrs. Smith in Cambridge, her driveway was laid with block paving which was showing signs of wear and tear, after consultation and survey we suggested resurfacing the driveway in Resin. The reasons behind the picking of this option are quite a few and highly recommended, not least for the significant cost savings when applied over concrete or blog paved drives in a good state of repair.

How Resin Surfacing is Applied

Resin surfacing is made from decorative gravel that is glued with a clear resin to an existing solid surface. The solid surface needs to be properly prepared and cleaned. The base to needs to be what is known as monolithic, having a few, if any, joints. There are two methods of laying the resin and aggregate, the resin bound and resin bonded methods.

For Mrs. Smith, we chose to use the Resin bound method which involved the aggregate and resin is thoroughly mixed together and then spread over the base by hand using trowels and screeding bars. The correct thickness for Mrs. Smith was laid using this method.

Time Span For Drying

Our client for sure did not want to come back and find her driveway fully surfaced but unable to use it for days due to the slow rate at which it was to dry. Using resin was a sure way to have quick drying surface and was ready very soon after laying.

Lifespan For Resin Driveways

Resin is known to have a longer life span than other materials used to resurface driveways. The finished surface is very stable and even resistant to oil spills and countless unique designs are available, the sky is really the limited when it comes to driveways surfaced with resin, here Mrs. Smith had to choose the best for her taste and as an installation team with some 300 resin installations under our belts already we were very happy to show off some of our previous works to help Mrs Smith with some ideas. Resin is also very quick to lay which drasitcally cuts costs for installation. In addition to this, the gravel supported water flow freely through the small stones and into the ground taking care of the rain worry going through Mrs’ Smith’s thoughts.

Pocket-Friendly Driveway Surfacing Option

The cost for resin driveways is often very pocket-friendly depending on what materials are currently laid on the driveway and Mrs. Smith’s project was one such proect, decorative concrete, as well as tarmac surfacing were both of course other materials we could have laid but we explained how much money would be saved with resin, with absolutely no compromise on lifespan of durability and Mrs Smith was very pleased with the savings.

Laying The New Resin Driveway

With a trowel, we spread the material out starting at one end working our way towards the exit. We wiped our trowel using the white spirit to stop the sticking and troweled the mixture down till we had a nice flat surface. Leaving the loose end of the material fluffed up, the next mix came along and slightly overlapped into the last mix elevating dry edges. We had an average of 20-30 minutes to work on each mix and this was during an overcast weather.

After every two mixers had been trolled down we cast on very small amount of glass bead onto the surface to create an anti-slip surface. The project was done and after 4 hours the driveway was good enough for walking on but for a car we recommend her to wait for 24 hours. Mrs. Smith was very pleased with our work and even recommended us to some of her neighboring friends.

Contact Northern Drives Cambridge

There are many instances where a resin driveway installation can save a homeowner thousands of pounds on a new driveway installation, in toher instances a resin driveway can cost significantly more. Generally speaking, tarmac drives can have resin laid right over the top with no need for excavations, whereas drives laid in flags will require first a tarmac overlay, followed by the resin surfacing on top, which significantly increases the cost of a new driveway. If your considering resin for your new driveway surface why not contact the team here at Northern Drives Cambridge. We’ll provide honest, expert and trusted advice and a free of charge, no obligation site survey ad quotation.

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