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new tarmac driveway installation for dan bradshaw at property in cambridgeWe recently completed a driveway installation for Dan Bradshaw whose driveway was installed by his father over 20 years back and had certainly seemed better days. Originally laid in block paving the drive had done its job, and served both owners well as it should, it was well laid in the first instance but as with anything, with time it showed signs of wear and tear and simply needed modernistation, lose bricks, slightly faded uneven in parts. Repairs would certainly have been an option in this case and thats the first thing we advised Dan at quotation phase, but the property was being completely modernised inside and out for rental and Dan wanted a surface which looked more modern and was likewise easily maintained, so a new installation was decided.

Resin was an option, but after running through the pros and cons of both resin drives and tarmac Dan decided that Tarmac surfacing was the way forward and upon acceptance of the quotation work began 2 weeks later and of course, was completed on time and on budget!

Benefits of Tarmac Driveways

There are a number of positive aspects of having a tarmac drive installed. Some of the common benefits include:

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Different aggregate sizes give the drive a different appearance
  • Numerous coloured binding agents available

Repairing The Divots, Depressions And The Sinking Driveway

We took in mind that a proper repair job on sinking driveway involved cutting out the damaged area and filling to ensure a storn and stable base. We began by cutting around the sunken area of the driveway with a diamond blade circular saw at maximum depth. We even cut further around than just at the edges of the depression. Then we laid a beam of wood next to the cut areas to leverage out the old blocks with a pry-bar, removed and scraped away the surplus loose material and cleanly squared off edges and the borders. In order to achieve a perfect finish the secret lies duly in the preparation.


We ensured a suitable base of hardcore laid to a depth of approximately 180mm, this is done to provide an excellent key for a base layer of bitumen coated 20mm limestone. We laid it to a thickness of sixty-five to ninety-five millimeters and we hand rolled it while still hot. Then a dense wearing course, 6 millimeters bitumen coated limestone was laid approximately 30mm thick, this was our finishing coat. A smoother surface was then created using the tight binding qualities of the smaller gravel. We finished by hand around the edges, drains and the gullies rolling smoothly with a double drum vibrating roller ensuring the perfect results as Dan placed it.

Secialist Services For Tarmac Driveways in Cambridge

We have been laying tarmac driveways in Cambridge and the surrounding areas for over 20 years without countless verifiable references available upon request. If you would like to discuss your project with a team of trusted and long established paving contractors please contact the team at Northern Drives Cambridge today.

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