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new concrete driveway installation for sam tierney in cambridgePattern Imprinted concrete driveway Installation for Sam Tierney

Sam Tierney recently contacted us for his Driveway installation. He was interested in having a pattern imprinted pattern driveway to increase the value of his property and provide a good solid surface for his 4×4 vehicle without the worry of cracks and dips. We happily accepted the enquiry and promptly arange for a free site survey and quotation. Our reputation is amongst the best in Cambridge, yet our prices for new driveways remain amongst the most competitive in the area, the survey was completed, quote was accepted and work began 2 weeks later on Sam’s new driveway.

Driveway Sub-Base


We began with excavations, 200mm deep. The new base material was graded crushed brick rubble. The thickness of the sub-base was approximately 100mm. It was compacted with suitable vibrating roller.

Concrete Laying

The concrete strength we used was averagely thirty newtons or more the same concrete strength for a motorway. Though in the winter we use 360 kilogrammes cement per cubic metre while in the summer we use 320 kilogrammes. The concrete we used was reinforced using fibre mesh and contained air entrainers for frost protection. The thickness of the concrete slab was not below 100mm. Once we were done the concrete was placed, compacted levelled and floated ready for decorative colouring.

Colouring and Printing

Colour surface hardener was uniformly applied over the surface of the fresh concrete. Once the colour surface hardener covered concrete surface attained a uniform gritting darkened appearance, the CSH should be floated into the concrete surface and then steel was trowelled. When the concrete was judged to be ready for imprinting, the surface release agent was applied followed by the appropriate imprinting technique. We then waited for the surface release agent to wash off.

Removal Of The Surface Release Agent

The surface release agent washed off after 24 hours after the installation of the imprinted concrete. A small amount of antiquing colour was left in the pattern texture and joints to provide the chosen contrast and antiquing effect. Once the concrete was firm enough for pedestrian’s, the driveway was cleaned with a pressure washer, and expansion joints were manually cut into concrete to help prevent cracking.

Surface Sealing

Once the concrete had been washed and sufficiently dry, the surface sealer should be applied. Contraction joints should be filled by mastic after the surface sealer has been applied and dried.

Contact Northern Drives Cambridge

Amongst our specialist services is the design and installation of decorative concrete driveways, covering Cambridge and the surrounding. Our team have completed over 200 decorative concrete projects in Cambridge alone, we would be happy to take a look at your project and provide a full, written quotation.

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