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The city of Cambridge has over the years established itself as one of the main tourist attraction in the United Kingdom. Cambridge boasts a host of attraction sites in which tourist can spend their very important free time. One of the main tourist attraction is Church of St Mary the Great, Cambridge that is popularly known as the GSM, which stands for the great st Mary’s. In case you are, a religious person or someone interested with the religious history of England Church of St Mary the Great, Cambridge becomes your main attraction site that you ought to visit in case you find yourself in England and Cambridge to be precise. This article will give an overview of this great site and what you ought to do when you visit it.


Church of St Mary the Great, Cambridge is a university church located at the north end of the popular king’s parade in central region of Cambridge, England. It is therefore located at the heart of the city of Cambridge and thus it is very easy to access whenever you feel like. Its denomination is the Church of England and thus in case you need some religious information about the Church of England denomination this great church is a great place to visit. You can also find the church online in case you need to book a visit in their website www.gsm.cam.ac.uk and there you can find all the information about the church.

What to do in the great st Mary’s church

In case you are wondering on the things that you ought to do in the church, the church offers some many services for its visitors. Some of this includes the following.


In case you are a person whose interestis architecture, Church of St Mary the Great, Cambridge can give you a great insight in different architectural designs. The church is built using the ancient late perpendicular gothic designs thus making it a great piece of design in the architectural world. By watching the design in which the church is built in, you can draw and inspiration from there so that you can come up with your own designs which may be unique.

Religious and historical records

The church was built in the olden days and thus it houses a lot of historical information that can help you in case you are a person who likes to read about history. In addition, the church is a university church and thus has the religious information on the history of churches in the United Kingdom. By visiting the church therefore, you can get great information of history and learn how the religious landscape has over the years advanced in England.

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